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Leave a Legacy for the Valley

Make a lasting contribution to support land conservation.

Planned gifts are an inspiring way to support land conservation in the Valley and, simultaneously, provide for your own and your family’s financial security. In addition, many types of planned gifts offer tax benefits to the donor. Popular planned giving opportunities include: 

Bequest: You can designate Kestrel as the recipient of cash, real estate, or another asset in your will. Or, you can leave a percentage of your overall estate to Kestrel.

Retirement plan assets: You can name Kestrel as the beneficiary of an IRA, 401(K), 403(b), or other qualified retirement plan.

Life insurance: You can name Kestrel as the owner and beneficiary of a new or existing policy.

Gift of real estate or other assets: Gifts of any type of asset may be made during your lifetime. Gifts of real estate can be structured in various ways to provide tax benefits and financial flexibility.

Gift of appreciated securities: Gifts of stock may provide savings on capital gains taxes as well as an income tax deduction.

Other planned giving tools include retained life estates, charitable remainder trusts, and many more options. For more information about these philanthropic opportunities, as well as the tax benefits of such gifts, please contact Monica Green, Development Director, at or 413-549-1097.

Kestrel Land Trust is grateful for the generous bequests provided by the following members of our community over the years:

Janet and Toby Dakin of Amherst

Elizabeth M. Guest of Amherst

Hanna W. Hopp of Northampton

Thelma J. Isaacs of Amherst

Robert and Gale McClung of Amherst

Eva Schiffer of Amherst

Carl and Dorothy Swanson of Amherst

Clarice Brows Thorp of Pelham

Isabel Wilder of Amherst

Richard and Nathalie Woodbury of Shutesbury

These visionary gifts helped Kestrel Land Trust grow from an idea in 1970 to an accredited regional land trust that has protected more than 20,000 acres with our conservation partners. You can help ensure a legacy of land conservation in the Valley by including Kestrel in your estate plans today. Thank you!

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