photo credit: Kristin DeBoer

Kestrel Land Trust promotes the sale and acquisition of conservation real estate. This involves working with conservation-minded buyers and sellers to find the right match. 

Conservation buyers are people who are willing to buy desirable and ecologically important properties that are under a conservation restriction or other legal protection, or who are willing to incorporate permanent restrictions while retaining the right to build one sensitively placed home on the land. This is done through a post-sale donation (or below-market sale) to the land trust of an easement on all or a portion of the property. Conservation buyers can also be municipal, state, or federal environmental agencies, where public funding is available. 

Conservation sellers are landowners who seek to ensure protection of the special attributes of land they own before or during its transfer to another private owner. They may donate to the land trust a conservation restriction or a portion of the land, or sell them at a below-market price. This can be done prior to or during sale of the property to the new owner. 

If you are interested in buying or selling private conservation land or want to promote a limited development of your property while retaining the majority of the land in open space, please call Kestrel Land Trust at 413-549-1097 or e-mail

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