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19 Towns. One Valley.

One Mission.

Kestrel Land Trust's mission is to conserve and care for forests, farms, and riverways in the Pioneer Valley, while nurturing an enduring love of the land.

Easthampton: Help Save Land for Drinking Water

Are you an Easthampton resident? This fall, the City will vote on whether to protect 25 acres of forest and farmland that are critical to the long-term health of your community’s public drinking water supply.
The gently rolling land between Cook and County Roads in neighboring Southampton sits above the recharge area of the Barnes Aquifer—the sole source of Easthampton’s public drinking water, which was once recognized as the best in the Nation. If not protected the land will soon be developed into 14 new houses, imperiling the aquifer and closing off access to a prime wildlife corridor and a potential new community park.
Your voice will be critical in convincing Easthampton’s leaders to purchase a conservation restriction (CR) on the land using the City’s available Community Preservation Act funds. Southampton residents—who receive supplemental water from the same source in Easthampton—have already agreed to seek a partnership with the City and the Commonwealth to protect the land, and voted unanimously to commit their own CPA funds at town meeting. READ MORE HERE!
So make yourself heard! Contact Kestrel Land Trust and we’ll let you know the best ways and forums for supporting your community’s clean drinking water, and the land on which it depends. 


Courtesy Rattlesnake Gutter Trust

Walk & Talk: Ancient Stories in Stone

On November 12 from 1pm – 3 pm, join geologist Michael Williams to explore the fascinating, ancient stories that geology can tell us about the land we see today. 

Massachusetts has been called the "three-continent state" because it was formed by large pieces of at least three of today’s continents. One of the major boundaries occurs in Leverett, between an ... more


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Welcome New MassLIFT Members

Last month, the Kestrel office got much busier as we welcomed four new MassLIFT service members to the Kestrel team. Lee Halasz, our Regional Conservation Coordinator, is reaching out to support local farmers; our Youth Education Coordinator, Madlyn MacKillop is getting high school students outdoors; Charlotte Malmborg, our Land Stewardship Coordinator, is training stewardship volunteers; and Katharine Winkler, our Community Engagement Coordinator, is planning great programs to get you inspired by nature.


The staff and Board are thrilled to have them all here for the 2016-2017 service year. Stay tuned to hear more about the great work they're helping to make possible on the land and in the community.